The Rainbow Connection -
Reiki Healing
 Everyone automatically channels healing energy through their body daily.  However when we are stressed or emotional then blockages may be created in the energy field and then the healing energy can stop flowing throughout the body.  If the healing energy doesn't reach the cells then they can die off and pain and disease can occur.  Reiki translated into English means Universal Life force energy.  It is what sustains our entire Universe.  When receiving a Reiki healing this Life force energy is channeled into the body to boost the bodies ability to heal and balance its systems.  

It is a natural healing which is non-invasive as the client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment.  It is safe for all ages and is also great for animals too.  Among many of the great benefits are stress relief and relaxation, which triggers the body's own natural healing abilities.  It clears the body of negative energies and blocks so that the life force energy can flow unobstructed around the body breathing positive energy into the cells for healing and renewal.  

It treats many illnesses and also helps to prevent them.  It brings a sense of well-being on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit. Reiki is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety and assists the body to let go of negative energies which keep us locked in cycles.  It takes you on a transformational self healing journey and a journey of self discovery.  It changed my life!