The Rainbow Connection -
 Crystal Healing 

Crystals are like Marmite.  You are either drawn to them or you are not.  If you are drawn to them then you will love the experience that Crystal Healing brings.  They have to be experienced to be appreciated.  

Crystals have been forming within the earth since the earth began.  They have their own life force.  Each crystal has its own personality and healing abilities.  They vibrate at a frequency that can clear blockages in your energy field and change your vibration for the better.  Some can be programmed to aid manifestation of life goals and wishes, or simply to clear negative energies from your space.


They can also heal areas of life which seem to re occur or affect the present. Crystals are energy.  They vibrate and tune into the level at which human beings vibrate.  During a Crystal Therapy treatment, crystals are placed upon the client’s body, including the main Chakras and in the Auric Field.  When crystals are placed on the body, in a person’s aura or anywhere in a person’s living space, the crystals affect the person’s energy levels by cleansing, energising and clearing blockages. 
Crystal Therapy is a Holistic Therapy, which strengthens the mind, body and spirit.  It helps to resolve past issues, unblocking stagnant energy and facilitates balance within. 
The main benefits of Crystal Healing are deep relaxation, peace and tranquillity.  It can bring relief from tension, anxiety, depression and stress.  It encourages detoxification.  It can also improve the quality of sleep.   
Crystal Therapy encourages the healing energy of the body to flow freely and smoothly, and unblocks any stagnant energy.  It cleanses and energises the Chakras and Aura.  Crystal Therapy helps the client to attend to whatever it is from the past that still has the power to affect them in the present.  It also grounds the client.  It aids transition, transformation, spiritual enlightenment and knowledge about the self.

A Crystal Healing session lasts an hour and costs £25