The Rainbow Connection -
To hear what some of Joanna's students and clients think of her courses and her healing please read through the testimonials below:
"Joanna has a unique way of imparting information in an entertaining way.  At all of her classes it's fun to learn." 
Julie from Middlesbrough. 
"I had a Crystal Healing from Joanna and it was an amazing and uplifting experience".
Mari, Durham. 
"I have been fortunate in receiving healing sessions from Joanna Taylor; also in attending some of her workshops.  Joanna is a lively, bright & enthusiastic lady, and one cannot fail to be influenced by her zest for life.  Equally she is compassionate and sensitive, & truly a gifted healer.  Her workshops are delivered with passion and with a wealth of knowledge, which she imparts with clear communication to her students.  I enjoy being in this amazing lady's presence.  She has so much to give and share, which she does so freely."
Beryl Woolbar, Teesside.
"Joanna is a fantastic teacher. I enjoy going to her development classes and they have changed my life for the better.  If anyone is thinking about development, I'd most certainly advise people to try Joanna's classes first."
Kellie Boden, Middlesbrough.
"Joanna - what can I say about this amazing woman? Her thirst for knowledge is unstoppable, her Spiritual wisdom simply oozes out of her and on top of this, she delivers her teachings and readings with such passion, sensitivity and enthusiasm.  You cannot help but be charmed by the genius within. The Rainbow Connection is a perfect mantra for the colourful soul she is, bursting with happiness and radiating such warmth and zest for life.  However, there is no doubt that her own spiritual path has been an on-going, often ardous journey, as she speaks from the heart and connects with you on a level that only comes from personal experience.  She willingly gives of her time and imparts a true depth of knowledge on all Spiritual aspects.  Her passion for self healing and personal development is evident in her teachings at class and these, along with her fun workshops, are always fun, easy to understand and peppered with her fabulous humour.  I have had some wonderful Spiritual experiences with Joanna and you only get those when you are in the presence of a true Master."
Barbara, Thirsk.

I have known Joanna for quite a few years and see her as a friend now.  I've been to numerous workshops and have loved them all.  I have also had various healings with Joanna.  You always get a personal touch from her in everything she does.  
Natalie, Middlesbrough.

Joanna is a very knowledgeable person in her field of holistic matters. And the cost isn't too high like some, that makes it affordable to treat yourself now and then.  The value to well-being and professionalism remains high.  I always come away feeling relaxed after a treatment. Linda, Darlington.