The Rainbow Connection -
A little bit about me...

From as far back as I can remember I always believed in some hidden force that I couldn't see or hear but knew was looking over me.  Looking back over my life my faith in Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides has always been strong.  Even as a child I had very strong experiences of Deja Vu and always knew I had been here before.  
As a teenager I would I get an idea into my head, believe in it and it would happen.  My connection with the manifesting process started early and even before I started reading Spiritual books I was convinced that people created their lives, the good and the bad and my fascination with the world of Psychology/Spirituality began.
It wasn't until my adult life became very stressful that I discovered holistic healing.  Apart from collecting and being obsessed with crystals from a young age I had never really come across Holistic Therapies until my late twenties.  At the most stressful and anxious time of my life I was guided to meet a lady who was also a Reiki Therapist.  As soon as she mentioned the words "stress relief" I was there.  I began having Reiki every fortnight and from that moment on my life changed irrevocably forever!
As soon as I started my healing journey with Reiki I began to let go of my hang ups, negativity, stresses and worries and apart from feeling physically, emotionally and mentally stronger than I could ever remember I also developed a huge craving for any and all Spiritual knowledge that I could soak up like a sponge. 
I began to study many Holistic Therapies and without doubt my love for Crystal Healing and Reiki were born.  My journey with Holistic Healing started out purely for self healing, in fact I decided to be attuned to Level One Reiki solely for my personal use, but as I began to heal my friends and family I soon realised that the wonderful healing powers of Reiki must be shared with the whole world. Today I continue to relish the wonders that healing the Mind, Body and Spirit brings.  It is my passion for self healing which has grown my desire to help heal others and so my Holistic Therapy business has become my life.  Having overcome many personal obstacles, and healed a multitude of stresses and strains I love nothing more than helping people to heal their lives just as I have.
Along my Spiritual Journey I have studied many areas of Spirituality and I am honoured to be able to pass on my learning to others.  My personal healing journey and my now extensive spiritual knowledge has helped me to put together my very own healing programme which is helping people all over Teesside to let go of their stress, pain and start to build a new positive outlook for their future.
If you are new to Holistic Healing and Spirituality and would like to come and visit me for a cuppa and a chat at my healing space in Acklam, Middlesbrough then get in touch as I will be thrilled to meet you.
Much love Joanna xxx